Welcome To PW Kullagerteknik AB 

Yours faithfully
Peter Wiechert
We can offer bearings from most well known brand names.
+46-8-649 20 20
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Our sales team, Peter Wiechert & Roger Hörnell having many
years branch experience can provide efficient expert service.
Andy Sleight will ensure your goods arrive quickley, well packaged
and by the most convinient delivery.
The Company with advanced technical support,swift service and delvery precision.
We specialize in the following catagories:
Spindle Bearings
Imperial Sizes
Hybrid Bearings
Stainless Steel Bearings
Special Bearings
Miniature Bearings
Free Wheels and Sprag clutches
During the autumn 2011 we will move into a larger premises but still in
the same location, with the same address and telephone/fax numbers.
We will expand our assortment with several new products so as to
assure quick lead times.